Things to do

1. Take a walk through the circular 1 km long  Pokljuka Peat-bog Nature trail  where  special features  are presented. The information boards present useful facts on the peat bog flora and fauna, Pokljuka today and in the past, general characteristics of peat bogs and human activities in the surrounding areas. You can easily start from our chalet.


2. Try your alpine skiing skills at the family skiing  and sledding resort  Jelka - Sport Hotel (only 5 minutes away). More advanced skiiers  take a drive to ski resort Vogel   (30 minutes away).


3. Pokljuka Plateau is a heaven for cross country skiiers. Tracks are occasionally prepared in front of the chalet, otherwise you can always rely on tracks at  international biathlon centre Rudno polje (10 minutes drive away).


4. Try mountain biking trails different levels of difficulty (for example Goreljek - Koprivnik - Gorjuše - Mrzli studenec - Goreljek, Goreljek - Rudno polje - Zajamniki - Konjska dolina - Goreljek...). Map with cycling tracks is inside the chalet.


5. Pokljuka is well known starting point for hiking and mountaneering. Drive to Rudno polje and climb up to Triglav, the highest slovenian peak  of Julian Alps. with altitude 2864 m. You should be prepared upfront  for this one. There are many less crouded and easier  to climb peaks which we suggest: Viševnik, Veliki in Mali Draški vrh, Mrežce, Debela peč, Blejska koča.


6. If you are not a fan of mountains simply take a walk around the plateau and try home made cheese, cottage cheese or "štruklji", traditional slovenian dish, prepared by farmers at alpine meadows Zajavorniki, Zajamniki, Uskovnica, Konjščica.


7. Just outside the chalet you can walk into the pine forest and pick up mushrooms, wild berries, blueberries or herbs.


8. Visit energetic points and recharge at mountain meadow Praprotnica. 



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